The Secret Park

There’s a secret place in AmberGlen—so secret that it’s not even on the map! Google maps shows it as a dull gray area near Bronson Creek:

Map data ©2017 Google.

But if you fly over this area on a spy plane (or switch to the satellite view on Google maps), you will see that this place is not that dull. It appears to be a park with a zigzag path leading to it:

Map data ©2017 Google.

At this point, there are so many unanswered questions. Why is this park not on the map? What’s the point of the zigzag path? What is the government trying to hide? Bravely, I went on a mission to investigate.

The secret park turned out to be Magnolia Meadows Park. I took some pictures that answered at least some of the hard-hitting questions.

The zigzag path brings visitors down from the street to the low-lying park—no stairs needed. 
These townhouses have a great view of the park and the Bronson Creek green space behind it. Perhaps their inhabitants are keeping the park secret to keep it all to themselves?
 Between the townhouses there’s another path down to the park. 
There’s a picnic table, some benches, and a very basic playground. There’s a much bigger playground at Magnolia park located close by.




My name is Rustam Miftakhutdinov and I have recently moved into the AmberGlen neighborhood located in Hillsboro, Oregon. The neighborhood is quickly growing into a mixed-use community with houses, apartments, parks, retail, office buildings, hotels, and public transit. I made this website to keep useful information about the neighborhood in one place. I hope you will find it useful.